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Cornerstone provides a curriculum designed according to the U.S Common Core State Standards. The classes are conducted in project-based learning for the students to be in charge of education, building knowledge, and critical thinking. Specialized lessons such as Guided Reading, Guided Writing, and Journalism will make students interested in English and improve reading and writing skills. Classes are tailored to students' English language skills so that they can embrace students of all backgrounds and learning styles.


The Cornerstone Middle School Math courses provide students an opportunity to organize their previously learned concepts, gain a more in-depth understanding, and experience diverse techniques. It works as a bridge that connects elementary and high school. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core Standards and focuses more on the students speaking math rather than the teacher-centered lessons. There are a variety of activities that teach not only basic computations but also mathematical thinking and social skills simultaneously. Groups solve problems together; students create their math problems and present; visual aids connect the students to the real-world outside of the classroom; projects summarize their learning; engaging math games to keep them focused. The courses promote students’ proactive participation in learning mathematics.


The Middle School Cornerstone Science Program emphasizes on developing the needed skills and processes for objective observation supplemented by regimented practices. Our program will cover two main subjects, Life Science and Physical Science. The Life Science curriculum aims at covering the foundation of Biology. The physical science curriculum expands students’ knowledge to two major science topics: Chemistry and Physics. Science is an ongoing process of testing and evaluation. The purpose of a scientific investigation is 1) to develop new materials and technology 2) to discover new objects 3) to find answers to various questions. Through multiple experiments, students will learn how to think critically and scientifically. Also, every student will participate in an annual school science fair so that they can have hands-on science experience.


The Cornerstone Middle School, Social Studies program, is an integrated study that promotes the growth of active, responsible citizens. Our courses focus on the necessary vital values, knowledge, and skills to develop civic competence in our students. At the middle school level, the curriculum is designed to inspire creativity and cultivate the organizational skills necessary for secondary and tertiary education. Through meticulous analysis, students will see the value of variety in cultures to better prepare them to become global citizens in an interconnected world.

Social Studies

The transfer of knowledge is not the sole purpose of the class, and the Cornerstone recognizes and teaches how valuable little experiences in schooling can have a significant impact on later life. Art education and various activities are essential areas for students' intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth. We learn to work together and participate as a member of society and play an invaluable role in unlocking individual potential. The diversity of the Cornerstone curriculum stimulates students' imagination and fosters creativity. It gives students the opportunity to explore and express themselves in different ways and to help them interpret the world around us artistically.


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