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The more that you read, the more things you will know.

 The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.






English Honors

English General


Algebra I

Algebra II



AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

SAT Math

Math Drill (Algebra)

 Math Drill (Geometry)




Table Tennis


Physical Exercise


Biology Honors

Biology General

Chemistry Honors

Chemistry General

Physics Honors

Physics General

AP Physics I

AP Physics C

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

SAT Chemistry

SAT Biology




AP Chinese


Guitar & Composition

Classical Piano

Jazz Piano






Studio Art

AP Studio Art

Design Ideas & Inspiration

Contemporary Artists

& Genres of Art

Visual Design I

Artist Research & Drawing

Interpretation of Art



Social Studies

World History

US History

East Asian Studies

Korean History


AP World History

AP Psychology

AP Economics: Micro

AP Economics: Macro


Theology 9

Theology 10

Theology 11

Theology 12


Basketball Varsity, Soccer Varsity, Orchestra Varsity, Book Club, Business & MUN Club, Current Event Club, Composition & MIDI Club, Game Making Club, Art Club, Movie Making Club, Photography Club, Community Mapping Club, Praise Team, Science Club, Tutoring Club, School Broadcasting  Club, Agriculture Club, AMC Club



Colleges and universities take students’ Grade Point Average (GPA) into consideration during their admission processes.  Therefore, as a school, we take the necessary steps to place students in challenging, but attainable courses. Our academic coordinator provides constant consultations to ensure students are thriving in their courses; students can utilize this resource to improve their academic performance.



Colleges and universities also measure the academic progress and achievement of students through standardized tests. Therefore, we offer after-school preparation classes and tests. Some of these classes and tests are: TOEFL, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP programs. We counsel students first to ensure that the curricula aforementioned and test preparation align seamlessly. Together, we create a test schedule that is tailored to each student, taking their grade-level, career aspirations, and academic achievement into consideration. As a registered AP Center, our students take their AP exams in the same environment in which they have been practicing for their AP exams, ultimately maximizing their performance.

Test Prep

Extracurricular Activities

Our students’ diversity creates a vibrant hub for a wide range of skills and talents. These are refined by our extracurricular activities. Out of these skills, we emphasize students’ leadership skills as they experience high school life. Additionally, we highly recommend building community-involvement skills through taking part in both academic and non-academic activities. Our extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to: academic clubs, student government, music, sports, and community service. We are also partnered with both profit and non-profit organizations through which students gain evocative skills and values like responsibility, commitment, teamwork, and sense of community, all which are significant outside the classroom.

We prioritize essay writing. Our essay-writing courses are led by our experienced essay consultant who helps our juniors to develop unconventional ideas and find their voices. Our seniors apply these acquired skills to coherently and comprehensively express themselves in their college application essays. After completing our intensive two-year essay-writing program, students are equipped with writing skills needed in an undergraduate setting.


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